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It never gets boring seeing your work in the pages of a design annual

Ripping the mask off our food.



Rohan Anderson, the founder and voice of, bounds onto the DO Lectures 
stage with a confident air of wild authority. He is a passionate advocate, as the term made infamous by Gwinnie and Chris Martin, of consciously de-coupling our consumer brains from how we interact with our food resources - reminding us that food nurtures our association to family, relationships and love. It defines our memories and informs our future.

Rohan’s call to action.

“We all live off the Landwe’ve just lost our connection to the Earth”.

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I met Justin and Rohan at The Do Lectures, both inspirational

Interesting. Perhaps the true art of creating a logo will survive?!

Well, I never expected that.
Sunshine (aplenty).
Camp fires.
Folk from around the globe.
A run along the beach.
Inspirational lectures.
Old barns.
Great food.
Lots of laughter.
West Wales.
The Do Lectures.


We talk to letterpress lover Nick Hand about his inaugural Festival of Print (sponsored by Taxi Studio) and other exciting upcoming projects.


Great time filming with the guys at for the Festival of Print! Thanks to &  Short interview with Nick Hand coming next week! 

Loving the work by @lttrprsscllctv

A guide to bike frame materials